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Docker Compose profilesΒΆ

Docker Compose profiles allow embedded different configurations within a single compose file. The Koinos node comes with several compose profiles configured that quickly enable common configurations. For more information on Docker Compose profiles, please read the official documentation.

To enable a compose profile you can pass it in with the --profile option (e.g. docker compose --profile jsonrpc up), or by setting the COMPOSE_PROFILES environment variable in the shell or in .env. We recommend setting COMPOSE_PROFILES in .env so that you do not need to remember to add --profile to every compose command. For this reason, there is already a place to set COMPOSE_PROFILES in the provided .env example.

You can run additional microservices or set common configurations by enabled on, or more, of the following profiles:

Docker Compose profile
block_production Enables the block production.
jsonrpc Enables JSON-RPC API handling.
grpc Enables gRPC API handling.
transaction_store Enables transaction history tracking.
contract_meta_store Enables service of contract ABIs.
account_history Enables account history tracking.
api Enables API related microservices (jsonrpc, grpc, transaction_store, contract_meta_store, and account_history).
all Enables all microservices.