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System calls

System calls are how requests to the Koinos Blockchain Framework are made. Each system call provides important functionality to be utilized from smart contracts or other parts of the framework.

Each system call has its base functionality implemented natively in a function known as a "thunk". What differentiates a system call from its thunk, is that the system call can have its functionality overridden by a special type of smart contract known as a "system contract".

System Call Description
get_head_info Retrieves the current head block information
apply_block Applies a block to the blockchain
apply_transaction Applies a transaction to the current block
apply_upload_contract_operation Applies an upload contract operation to the current transaction
apply_call_contract_operation Applies a call contract operation to the current transaction
apply_set_system_call_operation Applies a set system call operation to the current transaction
apply_set_system_contract_operation Applies a set system contract operation to the current transaction
pre_block_callback Callback prior to block application
post_block_callback Callback after block application
pre_transaction_callback Callback prior to transaction application
post_transaction_callback Callback after transaction application
get_chain_id Retrieves the current chain ID
process_block_signature Handles block signatures during block application
get_transaction Retrieves the current transaction
get_transaction_field Retrieves a field from the current transaction
get_block Retrieves the current block
get_block_field Retrieves a field from the current block
get_last_irreversible_block Retrieves the last irreversible block height
get_account_nonce Retrieves the last account nonce
verify_account_nonce Verifies the account nonce
set_account_nonce Sets an account nonce
check_system_authority Verifies whether the system authorizes the action
get_operation Retrieves the current operation
get_account_rc Retrieves the current account resource credits
consume_account_rc Consumes resource credits on an account
get_resource_limits Retrieves the current resource limits
consume_block_resources Consumes resource credits for the block
put_object Inserts data into a key value store
remove_object Deletes data in the key value store
get_object Retrieves data from the key value store
get_next_object Iterates forward through the key value store
get_prev_object Iterates backwards through the key value store
log Emits a log entry
event Emits an event
hash Performs a hashing algorithm on given data
recover_public_key Recovers a public key
verify_merkle_root Validates a merkle root given leaves
verify_signature Validates a signature
verify_vrf_proof Validate a verifiably random proof
call Calls another smart contract
exit Stops smart contract execution
get_arguments Retrieves arguments passed to a smart contract
get_contract_id Retrieves the current smart contract ID
get_caller Retrieves the caller of the smart contract
check_authority Validates authorization was given
get_contract_name Retrieves the name of a smart contract given the address from the name service
get_contract_address Retrieves the address of a smart contract given the name from the name service

Table 1. A comprehensive list of system calls.

Detailed information regarding the arguments and return values of system calls are defined as protocol buffer messages in the Koinos Proto repository.

Overriding system calls

While any system call can be overridden by a contract that simply calls the underlying thunk, the underlying functionality of some of them cannot be reproduced in the VM. Table 1 lists system calls which cannot be fully replaced by an override, and the reason it cannot be overridden.

Table 2. System calls which cannot be overridden

System Call Reason
apply_block Requires access to the execution context
apply_set_system_call_operation Requires call to get_transaction
apply_set_system_contract_operation Requires call to get_transaction
apply_transaction Requires state access
call Requires stack frame access
event Requires event recorder access
exit Would cause infinite recursion
get_caller Requires stack frame access and caller access on execution environment
get_arguments Requires access to contract call arguments on execution environment
get_contract_id Requires access to contract id on execution environment
get_head_info Requires state access
get_last_irreversible_block Requires state access
get_next_object Requires state access
get_object Requires state access
get_prev_object Requires state access
put_object Requires state access