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Account balanceΒΆ

Retrieving your cryptocurrency account balance involves accessing your digital wallet through a secure platform or app. By logging in with your credentials, you can view the current balance of your various tokens held in your wallet. This accessibility allows users to stay informed about their digital asset holdings and manage their investments effectively in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Below you can find examples of how to retrieve your KOIN balance using a variety of supported tools.

You can use the KOIN contract entry point balance_of to return the current balance for an account. If no arguments are passed in, it will use the currently open wallet. If an address is provided, it will return the balance of that address.

If you have not registered the KOIN contract in your CLI and therefore do not have the koin.balance_of command, visit the documentation on Koinos CLI under the .koinosrc section to set it up.

When your wallet is already opened, the command is as follows:

10887.50234469 KOIN

It also works to specify an address.

The command:

koin.balance_of 1EPZaqve43k9Jq5mNeT2ydCjUiytTTU4U
10887.50234469 KOIN

The example below demonstrates retrieving a KOIN balance using Koilib. This is an excerpt from the Koilib documentation.

(async () => {
    const provider = new Provider([""]);
    const signer = Signer.fromWif("Kzl...");
    signer.provider = provider;
    const koinContract = new Contract({
      id: "15DJN4a8SgrbGhhGksSBASiSYjGnMU8dGL",
      abi: utils.tokenAbi,
    const koin = koinContract.functions;

    // Get balance
    const { result } = await koin.balanceOf({
      owner: signer.getAddress(),

There is a token API that allows you to easily interact with a token.

Using the path /v1/token/{contract_id}/balance/{account} you can retrieve that balance for any account for any token.

contract_id can be a contract address (e.g. 15DJN4a8SgrbGhhGksSBASiSYjGnMU8dGL), a system contract name (e.g. koin), a Nickname (e.g. @vapor), or a KAP domain.

To request an address' KOIN balance, query on the path /v1/token/koin/balance/{account}.

curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json' \
-H 'X-API-KEY: WNfKg6ITYc9mWViySEvLiODZp6iti1A5'