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Koinos CLIΒΆ

The Koinos Command Line Interface (CLI) is a comprehensive command line tool for interacting with the Koinos Blockchain.

Installing and starting the CLIΒΆ

The latest release can be downloaded from GitHub. Start the CLI with the binary included in the archive.

Basic usageΒΆ

When running the wallet, it will start in interactive mode. Press tab or type list to see a list of possible commands.


help <command-name> will show a help message for the given command.

Some commands require a node RPC endpoint. This can be specified either when starting the CLI with --rpc command line switch, or with the connect command from within the CLI. Both take an endpoint url.


Here is an example of launching from the command line with an RPC endpoint:

koinos-cli --rpc

And here is an example of the connect command:

🚫 πŸ” > connect
Connected to endpoint

There is a public RPC server that may be used for testing at this address:

If there is a red symbol to the left of the prompt, it indicates that you are not connected to an RPC endpoint.

exit or quit will quit the wallet.

Wallet creation & managementΒΆ

The lock symbol to the left of the prompt indicates whether or not you have a wallet open. Some commands require an open wallet.

To create a new wallet, use the command create <filename> <password>. The new wallet will then be created in the given file, and automatically opened.


To create a new wallet:

πŸ” > create my.wallet password1234
Created and opened new wallet: my.wallet
Address: 1Nj4VvJhJBurG5XrQHixSB4K5WZbQM1GTW

To open a previously created wallet, use the command open <filename> <password>.

πŸ” > open my.wallet password1234
Opened wallet: my.wallet

To import an existing Wallet Import Format (WIF) private key, use the commands import <wif> <filename> <password>.

πŸ”“ > import 5KPJcpkw7GBtxjNrzroYgVwjR8CnTwbPrybuwfb8ff1Hw4GcqB5 imported.wallet password1234
Created and opened new wallet: imported.wallet
Address: 15XjYr9DkyrxaY2mgjRiRLpYww8cHquW4U

To close the open wallet, simply use the close command.

Any of the commands which take a password may be called with it omitted. In this case it will use the value in the WALLET_PASS environment variable / .env file.

Smart contract managementΒΆ

To upload a smart contract, use the command upload <filename>. The file given should be a compiled wasm smart contract. The contract id will be the public address of the currently open wallet.


Uploading a contract:

πŸ”“ > upload token.wasm
Contract uploaded with address 15XjYr9DkyrxaY2mgjRiRLpYww8cHquW4U
Submitted transaction with ID 0x12202687e8f3ccf8175e7b63a24862ee15b5481ce484ee128eeccba60b68ec69d2ae

To interact with a smart contract, first register its ABI file with the command register <name> <address> abi-filename> using the contract's address and a name of your choosing.


Registering an ABI:

πŸ”“ > register koin 15im92XgZiV39tcKMhMGtDYhJjXPMjUu8r abi/koin.abi
Contract 'koin' at address 15im92XgZiV39tcKMhMGtDYhJjXPMjUu8r registered


After registering a contract's ABI its methods will then be added to the list of available commands in the CLI.

πŸ”“ > list
koin.balance_of   - Checks the balance at an address
koin.decimals     - Return the token's decimal precision         - Mints the token         - Returns the token's name
koin.symbol       - Returns the token's symbol
koin.total_supply - Mints the token's total supply
koin.transfer     - Transfers the token

After registering a smart contract's ABI, you then have access to it's methods.


An example of utilizing the KOIN contract's ABI with the Koinos CLI.

πŸ”“ > help koin.balance_of
Checks the balance at an address
Usage: koin.balance_of <owner:address>

πŸ”“ > koin.balance_of 1H7NoCkYiVciGLGA92LyAR2VvFLNN38qyM

πŸ”“ > help koin.transfer
Transfers the token
Usage: koin.transfer <from:address> <to:address> <value:uint>

πŸ”“ > koin.transfer 1H7NoCkYiVciGLGA92LyAR2VvFLNN38qyM 13daTg586CnrVjKRjGwBtBWH6eda99A7bw 100000000
Calling koin.transfer with arguments 'from:"1H7NoCkYiVciGLGA92LyAR2VvFLNN38qyM"  to:"13daTg586CnrVjKRjGwBtBWH6eda99A7bw"  value:100000000'
Submitted transaction with id 1220efc02549b2c1e24b685b2f3193f05bbc4197dc44984ead6409555fad3f338fa8

πŸ”“ > koin.balance_of 13daTg586CnrVjKRjGwBtBWH6eda99A7bw

Transaction sessionsΒΆ

Sometimes it is important to ensure multiple operations are included in the same block in a specific order. To accomplish this with the CLI, you use a session.

To begin a session, use the command session begin. A paper icon will appear to the left of the prompt while a session is active.

Any command that interacts with the chain will now be added to the current session.

To view the current session, use session view.

To cancel the current session, use session cancel.

When you are done adding commands to the session, session submit will send the attached commands as a single transaction to the blockchain.


A complete example of performing a transaction in a session.

πŸ”“ > session begin
Began transaction session

πŸ”“ πŸ“„ > transfer 1.0 1BLUi4ogqptnyBnSuKFyWMxEyVJzxiZWhM
Transferring 1 tKOIN to 1BLUi4ogqptnyBnSuKFyWMxEyVJzxiZWhM
Adding operation to transaction session

πŸ”“ πŸ“„ > upload token.wasm
Contract uploaded with address 15XjYr9DkyrxaY2mgjRiRLpYww8cHquW4U
Submitted transaction with ID 0x12202687e8f3ccf8175e7b63a24862ee15b5481ce484ee128eeccba60b68ec69d2ae

πŸ”“ πŸ“„ > transfer 25.0 15Pb7o5GFBB56njFNvU2fAfa9Mm7rmsJH1
Transferring 25 tKOIN to 15Pb7o5GFBB56njFNvU2fAfa9Mm7rmsJH1
Adding operation to transaction session

πŸ”“ πŸ“„ > session view
Transaction Session (2 operations):
0: Transfer 1 tKOIN to 1BLUi4ogqptnyBnSuKFyWMxEyVJzxiZWhM
1: Upload contract with address 15XjYr9DkyrxaY2mgjRiRLpYww8cHquW4U
2: Transfer 25 tKOIN to 15Pb7o5GFBB56njFNvU2fAfa9Mm7rmsJH1

πŸ”“ πŸ“„ > session submit
Submitted transaction with ID 0x12202a7e68e58223a143106cb293e44c491132c4c6b075b9cc6657ededc7ebd142b2 (3 operations)

Non-interactive modeΒΆ

Commands can be executed without using interactive mode. The --execute command-line parameter takes a semicolon separated list of commands, executes them, then returns to the terminal.

Koinos CLI RC fileΒΆ

You can configure the wallet to automatically execute commands when launching. This is achieved through the usage of the .koinosrc file. The wallet will look for this file in the user's $HOME directory and then the current working directory. Below find an example file for use with the Koinos mainnet.

register_token koin 15DJN4a8SgrbGhhGksSBASiSYjGnMU8dGL
register_token vhp 18tWNU7E4yuQzz7hMVpceb9ixmaWLVyQsr
register pob 159myq5YUhhoVWu3wsHKHiJYKPKGUrGiyv
register name_service 19WxDJ9Kcvx4VqQFkpwVmwVEy1hMuwXtQE
register claim 18zw3ZokdfHtudzaWAUnU4tUvKzKiJeN76
register resources 1HGN9h47CzoFwU2bQZwe6BYoX4TM6pXc4b
register governance 19qj51eTbSFJYU7ZagudkpxPgNSzPMfdPX