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This comprehensive resource hub is designed to empower developers to leverage the full potential of the Koinos blockchain. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain developer or just getting started, you'll find everything you need to build scalable decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Dive into tutorials, API references, and SDKs that simplify smart contract development using AssemblyScript. Learn how to interact with the Koinos blockchain through REST APIs and the command-line interface (CLI). Explore resource management techniques, transaction crafting, and authority management to optimize the performance and security of your applications. Join our vibrant community and start innovating with Koinos today!

  • Koinos CLI

    Introducing the Koinos Command Line Interface (CLI), a powerful toolset that enables developers and node operators to interact with the Koinos blockchain from the command line. With the Koinos CLI, you can perform various tasks such as deploying contracts, interacting with smart contracts, managing accounts, and querying blockchain data efficiently and securely.

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  • AssemblyScript SDK

    Introducing the AssemblyScript SDK for Koinos, a developer toolkit that facilitates building smart contracts using AssemblyScript, a subset of TypeScript. With the AssemblyScript SDK, developers can seamlessly write, compile, and deploy smart contracts on the Koinos blockchain, leveraging familiar TypeScript syntax and benefiting from efficient and secure contract execution.

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  • Payer semantics

    Introducing Payer semantics for the Koinos blockchain, a concept that defines how the costs of smart contract execution are managed. By assigning specific accounts as payers for contract operations, developers can control which accounts bear the computational and storage costs associated with smart contract execution on the Koinos blockchain.

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  • RC limits

    Introducing RC (Resource Credit) limits for the Koinos blockchain, a mechanism that manages and allocates computational resources required for smart contract execution and transactions. RC limits ensure fair and efficient resource utilization by assigning specific limits to accounts based on available resources and network demand, enabling sustainable and scalable operations on the Koinos blockchain.

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    Introducing the REST API for the Koinos blockchain, a user-friendly interface that allows developers to interact with the blockchain using HTTP endpoints. With the REST API, developers can query blockchain data, submit transactions, and interact with smart contracts without needing to manage complex protocol-level interactions, providing a straightforward and accessible way to integrate applications with the Koinos blockchain.

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  • Testnet

    Introducing the Harbinger testnet for the Koinos blockchain, a dedicated environment where developers can experiment with Koinos features, test smart contracts, and simulate real-world scenarios before deploying on the mainnet. The Harbinger testnet provides a safe and sandboxed environment for developers to validate their applications and gain insights into the capabilities and performance of the Koinos blockchain platform.

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  • Resource management

    Introducing smart contract resource management for the Koinos blockchain, which involves allocating and regulating computational resources necessary for executing smart contracts efficiently. Koinos utilizes Resource Credits (RC) and payer semantics to ensure fair and sustainable usage of resources, allowing developers to control and optimize resource allocation for their smart contracts, ultimately supporting scalable and reliable blockchain operations.

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  • Deploying a contract

    Introducing the "Deploy a contract" section of the Koinos documentation, where developers can learn how to deploy their smart contracts onto the Koinos blockchain. This section provides step-by-step instructions and examples for compiling smart contract code, generating deployment transactions, and interacting with the blockchain to deploy and initialize contracts efficiently.

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  • Protocol buffers

    Introducing Protocol Buffers for the Koinos documentation, a serialization format used to efficiently encode and decode structured data exchanged on the Koinos blockchain. Protocol Buffers provide a flexible and compact way to define data schemas, facilitating interoperability between different components of the blockchain ecosystem and optimizing data transmission and storage.

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  • Transactions

    Introducing the "Transaction" section of the Koinos documentation, where developers can explore the intricacies of crafting and submitting transactions on the Koinos blockchain. This section covers topics such as transaction formats, transaction lifecycle, fee management, and best practices for constructing and broadcasting transactions effectively within the Koinos network.

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  • Authority

    Introducing the "Authority" section of the Koinos documentation, which focuses on the management and enforcement of permissions and access controls within the Koinos blockchain ecosystem. Developers can learn about different types of authority strategies and how they are utilized to secure accounts, smart contracts, and transactions on the Koinos blockchain. This section provides insights into configuring and managing authorities effectively to ensure proper governance and security of blockchain operations.

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