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Using the faucet on Discord

tKOIN is the Koinos blockchain testnet token symbol.

Anyone can participate in the Koinos test network by running a node. By installing and running the node each user is assigned a public and private key. Using the key a user can receive tKOIN from our discord faucet using the instructions below. The private key resides in ~/.koinos/block_producer/private.key in macOS/Linux and C:\.koinos in Windows

After starting the node for the first time you can get your public key by looking at the 000.log file in the .koinos/block_producer directory. It should be on the first line with the label "Public address:" unless the log file was rotated out. Alternatively, you can take the private key from .koinos/block_producer/private.key and import it into Koinos CLI to utilize the account and/or view the public address.

$ head ~/.koinos/block_producer/000.log | grep "Public address"

It is also displayed when you first start the node although it usually scrolls out of view very quickly.

Once you have your public address you can join our Discord server and request some tKOIN in the #faucet channel by sending the following message to the faucet bot:

!faucet <public address>


!faucet 1ENxxuH81kytBdYe81fD9tBdYe81fD9Qxe

You can get your balance at any time using the command:

!balance <public address>


!balance 1ENxxuH81kytBdYe81fD9BdYe81fD9Qxe